Siemens Contract Goes to Gustav Seeland

Replacement of Two Large Transformers at the Vattenfall CHP

Hamburg – June 8, 2017 – In its capacity as framework agreement partner to Vattenfall, the electricity and gas retailer, Gustav Seeland was contracted by the Siemens technology group to replace two of the transformers at the Vattenfall combined heat and power plant in Wedel. Weighing 105 and 40 tons respectively, the two new transformers, which transform high voltage current into normal current, were produced at the Siemens plant in the Austrian town of Weiz.

Gustav Seeland assumed responsibility for transporting the transformers from the Siemens plant to the inland port of Dresden, loading them onto a barge with a stationary crane at the port and carrying them to Wedel via inland waterways. The transport time from Dresden to Wedel amounted to six days. Gustav Seeland also assumed responsibility for collecting the two old transformers, weighing 150 and 40 tons respectively, with a 12-axle heavy-duty roller trailer.

“The distinctive aspect of this exceptionally complex project was the combination of pontoon crane, barge, heavy haulage, installation, and minimal ground loading,” Johann Evers, Sales Manager at Gustav Seeland, explains. “We are one of the few providers that have the necessary equipment and know-how at our disposal, as well as the necessary certification.” Gustav Seeland is the only provider in Hamburg that has a heavy-duty modular vehicle for up to 20 axes, and the 600-ton pontoon crane was available at short notice thanks to a subprovider’s just-in-time delivery capability. This meant that Siemens was able to benefit from planning and execution by a single source.

Apart from this, Gustav Seeland also had to meet very high safety requirements as the plant continued to operate and personnel were on site. All of the staff involved were required to pass a safety test for this project and were awarded certificates. Siemens only works with companies that have been certified in accordance with SCCP:2011. Gustav Seeland holds such a certificate.

About Gustav Seeland:
In its capacity as one of Germany’s largest providers of heavy goods logistics services, Gustav Seeland can offer the perfect solution for every task. The Hamburg-based company’s service spectrum encompasses the entire range of truck-mounted cranes, heavy haulage and specialized transport, industrial installations, and warehousing for heavy cargo. As a partner and founding member of BigMove AG, Gustav Seeland has a pan-European network at its disposal and has been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SCCP:2011.

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