New regular traffic to the Netherlands

Temperature-controlled groupage freight for pharmaceuticals

Versmold – April 27, 2015 – Thermotraffic expands its net for temperature-controlled groupage freight by another European destination. This new groupage freight offer aims primarily at customers from the pharmaceutical industry who are looking for quick, cost-effective, safe and reliable transport solutions. For the time being, pharmaceutical products are going to be transported at a temperature range of +2/+8˚C and +15/+25 ˚C twice a week to a distribution depot in Amsterdam.

“In the years to come, we expect a high demand from the pharmaceutical industry for temperature-controlled groupage freight. By adding regular traffic to the Netherlands, we further strengthen our market position for temperature-controlled transport of pharmaceutical products in Europe“, Falko Thomas, managing director of Thermotraffic GmbH, says.

After delivery to the distribution center in the Netherlands, products are immediately distributed via a widespread distribution network to wholesalers, hospitals or pharmacies. Deliveries to recipients generally take place within 24 hours after arrival at the center. Groupage freight transport is suited especially for small deliveries of one to five Euro pallets. Bigger loads are still handled by Thermotraffic as direct transports.

Thermotraffic’s Pharma Competence Center organizes the entire logistics chain, seeing to it that products are processed according to the GDP guideline and delivered on time. By continuously recording the temperature, Thermotraffic pays special attention to an unbroken cold chain.

By adding the Netherlands to its list of destinations, Thermotraffic expands its offer for groupage freight transport and further extends its network in Europe.

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Thermotraffic has operated since 1984 as one of the leading logistics specialists for temperature-controlled transports worldwide. Thermotraffic has extensive expertise in complex services and offers its customers solution-oriented services. In the foodstuffs and pharmaceutical sectors in particular it develops and realizes all-round custom solutions for cool-chain logistics. Its dynamic and flexible team develops smart logistics solutions for industrial and commercial clients, helping them to become even more successful in their respective markets. Thermotraffic’s range of services covers domestic and international overland transports, seaport logistics, cold storage logistics, air freight transport, pharmaceuticals logistics, contract logistics and specialized transports.

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