Liquid CONcept gears up for the US

Newly developed intermediate bulk container to boost overseas business

Hamburg – May 9, 2014 – Liquid CONcept has added another 120 ultra-modern units to its intermediate bulk container (IBC) fleet. The Hamburg-based logistics firm thus continues to build up its small container business. Designed to serve the US market, this new type of container can be used to carry high quality coatings. The new high-tech containers are rectangular in shape and have a capacity of around 1300 liters. They can be used both to transport and store smaller quantities of product.

“In providing our customers with this type of IBC, specifically designed for the American market, we are offering the most modern, individual solutions in the small container segment,” said Eycke-Christian Dörre, business director at Liquid CONcept.
Enlargement of the fleet through the new IBCs is Liquid CONcept’s response to the demands of the global market for transportation of liquids. The new transport containers are fitted with US-standard couplings and connectors to spearhead the development of Liquid CONcept’s presence in Stateside markets.

As a service-driven logistics provider, Liquid CONcept takes charge of fleet management, as well as silicone-free cleaning, preparation and retrieval of IBCs. Their compatible couplings and connectors mean it is straightforward for consignees overseas to integrate them into their production processes.

Liquid CONcept is setting standards as a provider of special transport solutions in international transport through its new offering, presenting itself as a strong logistics partner for industry.

About Liquid CONcept & Co. KG:
Liquid CONcept is a modern, young company, which has been operating since 2008 as a leading logistics provider for worldwide transport of liquids in intermediate bulk containers (IBC). Specialist Liquid CONcept makes use of its in-depth knowhow of complex services to offer customers out of the box solutions. In the foodstuffs and chemicals sectors particularly it develops and realizes tailor-made solutions for global liquids logistics. Its dynamic and flexible team supports industrial and commercial clients with smart logistics solutions, helping them to become even more successful in their respective markets. Liquid CONcept’s range of services covers rental, leasing, fleet management, transport, cleaning and maintenance of IBCs, as well as all logistical services connected with tank containers or tank trailers. The company has IBC fleet at its disposal of around 4000 units.

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