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The Frankfurt temperature-controlled logistics company Thermologistic opens a new branch in Straelen-Herongen on the Lower Rhine

Frankfurt – August 13, 2019 – Thermologistic wants to grow vigorously. The young Frankfurt logistics company is focusing on expansion at new locations. For this purpose, a Thermologistic representative office in Straelen-Herongen on the Lower Rhine has now been opened.

The selection of the new location was mainly for strategic reasons. Because of its proximity to the Dutch border, the town of Straelen is one of the most important places of vegetable and flower transhipment in Europe. At the same time, Straelen-Herongen is the only auction site for flower and ornamental plants in Germany. Being close to key importers and exporters, Thermologistic hopes to gain a better market position in the field of temperature-controlled transport services. From there, the company can quickly respond to the demands and changes of the market. The start of the new branch will be made by two freight specialists employed by Thermologistic.

“At the new location in Straelen, we will take every opportunity to further establish ourselves on the market for temperature-controlled transports, better serve our existing customers and expand our new business. With the new presence in such an important market, we expect to increase the total turnover of our company by 25 percent in the long term, “says Managing Director Thermologistic Frankfurt GmbH Bernd Schmied.

From the representative office at the new location, Thermologistic does not only expect more customer proximity, but also more sustainability in the transport services offered. The special proximity to the decisive markets ensures a better utilization of the transports and thus a reduction of empty runs.

Depending on requirements, Thermologistic wants to open further locations in Germany and Europe.

About Thermologistic Frankfurt GmbH:
The company Thermologistic Frankfurt GmbH was founded in 2018. The headquarters of the logistics company specializing in air-conditioned transports is at Frankfurt Airport with direct access to the Perishable Center Frankfurt. Thermologistic specializes in the organization and execution of all transport services for perishable goods in the so-called cross-docking business. With its own fleet of vehicles and selected partner companies, Thermologistic also offers Europe-wide air freight replacement services. Thermologistic attaches great importance to quality and sustainability in all logistics projects. More at:

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