1000th heatable IBC from Liquid CONcept goes into service

Hamburg logistics specialist expands small container capacity

Hamburg – July 20, 2015 – Liquid CONcept’s heatable IBC (intermediate bulk container) fleet has now grown to 1,000 units. The Hamburg-based liquids transport specialist is continuing to invest in its small container business. Heatable, insulated containers of this type, with 1,000 liter volume capacity, are used specially for temperature-controlled transports which handle meltable products or storage of fluid foodstuffs and chemical products.

“Our fleet mostly consists of aseptic and standard IBCs. If necessary, they can be equipped with mixers. By investing in additional heatable small containers, which demand extensive maintenance and complex handling, we are reacting to strong demand from our customers,” explains Ulrich Schnoor, managing director of Liquid CONcept.

These stainless steel IBCs, guaranteeing high standards of safety, hygiene and quality, can match the toughest requirements expected by customers. They also have the advantage that they can be deployed again once they have undergone thorough cleaning.

Liquid CONcept configures suitable containers according to the needs of individual clients. IBCs can be fitted for use with heaters or adapted to meet hazardous goods regulations. For liquid foodstuffs additional agitator units to mix and stir the product can be used. In addition to leasing the IBCs, Liquid CONcept will also take responsibility for cleaning, maintenance, repairs and overall fleet management.

Plants available in Europe offer high-tech, fully automated cleaning of IBCs and can cope with a large throughput of units. Safety systems in place ensure that all cleaning and checking carried out by Liquid CONcept are performed properly to meet standards in force.

Liquid CONcept customers can enjoy a flexible, service-driven package, available all to them over Europe. The company’s fleet of more than 4000 IBCs of different types is at their disposal.

About Liquid CONcept & Co. KG:
Liquid CONcept is a modern, young company, which has been operating since 2008 as a leading logistics provider for worldwide transport of liquids in intermediate bulk containers (IBC). Specialist Liquid CONcept makes use of its in-depth knowhow of complex services to offer customers out of the box solutions. In the foodstuffs and chemicals sectors particularly it develops and realizes tailor-made solutions for global liquids logistics. Its dynamic and flexible team supports industrial and commercial clients with smart logistics solutions, helping them to become even more successful in their respective markets. Liquid CONcept’s range of services covers rental, leasing, fleet management, transport, cleaning and maintenance of IBCs, as well as all logistical services connected with tank containers or tank trailers. The company has IBC fleet at its disposal of around 4000 units.

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