TKS Ludwig Drives Fair

The Hamburg transport company joins the Fair Truck Initiative

Hamburg Febraury 22, 2018 – The Hamburg Transport and Kombiservice Jürgen Ludwig, TKS Ludwig for short, has joined the Fair Truck Initiative. In doing so, the company is committed to adhering to the highest standards in dealing with its employees in accordance with the Fair Truck Code. The guideline is considered to be a guide to maintaining good working conditions in the affiliated companies. TKS Ludwig thus guarantees its employed professional drivers, among other things, a fair salary, continuous qualification and a high level of competence in all aspects of occupational safety and health.

With the accession to the Fair Truck Initiative, TKS Ludwig submits to constant monitoring of its working environment. For example, the employed professional drivers can check and evaluate compliance with the requirements of the Code at any time via the Internet. Interested parties can use the Fair Truck internet portal to find out quickly and easily about the working conditions in the affiliated companies.

By managing the Fair Truck seal and the associated transparency, TKS Ludwig wants to set an example for the respectful and trusting treatment of its existing and future employees. In a difficult labor market environment, employees are to be tied to the company and new ones won.

“By joining the Fair Truck initiative, we want to send out a message of sustainability. Thanks to the transparency, anyone interested can gain an insight into our working environment, “says Sandra Ludwig, Managing Director of Transport and Kombiservice Jürgen Ludwig GmbH & Co. KG.

As a member of the initiative, TKS Ludwig is not only demonstrating its partnership with its employees, but also with customers and consumers. At the same time, the fair truck seal guarantees fair services and fair goods.

About TKS Ludwig:
TKS Ludwig has been a successful transport company in Hamburg since 1982 as a traditional, independent family business. As a regional provider, TKS Ludwig will handle swap body transports, general cargo and parcel transport as well as pre-carriage and on-carriage of combined transport. TKS Ludwig offers day tours in the Greater Hamburg area as well as night-time meeting and destination tours. The company has its own vehicle fleet of 50 vehicles, 35 swap bodies and semitrailer tractors and semitrailers.

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