The BSK Award 2019 Goes Again to Hamburg

Heavy goods logistics specialist Gustav Seeland takes first place

Hamburg – 14.10.2019 – At the award ceremony of the Federal Expert Group for Heavy Haulage and Crane Work e. V. in Rostock-Warnemünde Gustav Seeland is again on the winner’s steps and reached the first place. The company was awarded the prize for the development of a special steel construction for the replacement of drive shafts for an aluminum plant in a confined space. In doing so, the jury considered the work under the most difficult conditions, the innovation and the tight time frame in which the order had to be completed.

The challenge for Gustav Seeland was to install two 40-tonne drive shafts in a hall that was only 12 meters high – with a building dimensions of only 21 meters wide and 24 meters long. In a four-week planning phase, the Gustav Seeland team of engineers, structural engineers and technicians first developed a detailed project plan. A special steel construction was developed for the replacement of the drive shafts and installed in the small hall. The heavy cargo experts used two special masts to lift, position and adjust the 40-ton objects. With their help, the old drive shafts could be removed and the new ones installed. In all works it was also necessary to consider the building statics, because the hall was also still a basement.

To implement the project, Gustav Seeland used a semi-trailer (Arocs) with a 6×4 tractor, a crane truck (Optimus), a 70-tonne crane, a 360-tonne mast, a 160-tonne mast, and two scaffold towers with transfer carriages. The local team consisted of two engineers and five assembly staff including supervisors.

With the re-awarding of the BSK-Award, the independent jury made it clear that Gustav Seeland GmbH continues to rank among the industry leaders in Germany. The prize stands for innovations and excellent services in the area of ​​heavy goods logistics. Johann Evers, Managing Director of Gustav Seeland GmbH, sees himself and his entire team confirmed by the award. “We are delighted that we have once again demonstrated our skills and excellent team performance with this difficult project. The price motivates us to get even better. ”

About Gustav Seeland:
In its capacity as one of Germany’s largest providers of heavy goods logistics services, Gustav Seeland can offer the perfect solution for every task. The Hamburg-based company’s service spectrum encompasses the entire range of truck-mounted cranes, heavy haulage and specialized transport, industrial installations, and warehousing for heavy cargo. As a partner and founding member of BigMove AG, Gustav Seeland has a pan-European network at its disposal and has been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SCCP:2011.

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Photo: Elisa Evers (Gustav Seeland) and Wolfgang Draaf (Managing Director BSK)
Photographer: Tanja M. Marotzke
Photo imprint free, copyright Gustav Seeland GmbH